Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Thoughts from the first plane

Wrapped in love.

I sit here alone. Literally. Somehow I end up in a row all by myself. No chatty neighbors. No crying babies. All by myself. 

Yet, I'm not. I'm wrapped in love. Tears in my eyes. Excited for this adventure. Scared to miss those I love the most. 

I'm wrapped in gifts of love. 

A scarf from my mother, bought with my move in mind. "Every time you wear it, it will be like I'm hugging you" she said.

Tears fall. 

A ring, from the family. From my favorite jewelry store. Silver wraps around my finger, yet doesn't meet to close the circle.  On the ends... hearts.  Here and there. Me and them.

I am wrapped in their love - and couldn't be filled with more gratitude.    

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