Friday, August 13, 2010

One Word







Isabel- friend arrives from Valencia :)


Hotel - Posh

City - walking

Market - food

Hotel - rest

Whew! - BLESSED!

Good to the last drop

We are now back in Madrid for one day. Tomorrow we leave for our next adventure. A surprise trip. All I know is there are no planes involved. Hmm...

The joy I felt when I saw this product in the grocery store is immeasurable.

Oh, almond milk how I love thee!

For a man who has moved mountains for me, anything involving the kitchen is, well, interesting. This morning I enjoyed the most perfect cup of fine espresso turned iced mocha latte. It took about 30 minutes. But it was perfect!

Good to the last drop.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Where nobody thinks you´re crazy

It has been so nice to be with people who don't think you're crazy. No one cares that I choose a vegan lifestyle or that I wake up to run 11 miles. Eating and exercising your own way in this family is completely normal - be it the paleo diet - or rocking out your vibrams - it's all good! Yes, it's all good.

The plentiful veg that filled the kitchen.

Lunch by the sea: Salad - Vegetables roasted with the most exquisite olive oil - Lentils - and the absolute best gazpacho in the world! Thank you Elena!

The Universe smiling down on me: Even in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea - Soy Ice Cream!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Naked as a Jaybird

I have no idea where that saying comes from. I think my parents said it when I was growing up. Regardless of it's origin. It applies here.

I've never before been privé to the european acceptance of the human body. Now I know. In all it's forms. Young, old - male, female. In all of God's given glory. Really, there is something beautiful about that kind of freedom and total acceptance... not that I'm going to walk around like that.

And for the record... neither does the family.

Also note: during the past week, only one silicone sighting.

Topic: American vs. Europeans - Body Image - Discuss.


Here in Menorca, the island is known for their lobster. Some kind of special species. Smaller lobsters with a more intense flavor. There have been many a lobster ordered at the finest restaurants on the island.

I decided on day one, that I was not going to contribute to the lobster quota. Read: my sunscreen usage runs at about 5 applications a day. No American lobster needed.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Letting thumb at a time

Who cries on vacation in the Mediterranean? This girl. Right here. The last few days have been hard. I don't know why. Missing my family, friends...English.

This time it's diifferent. When I travel, I know when I am going home and I know when I will resume normal life and the "missing" is controllable. This vacation makes this adventure real. It is real that I don't speak spanish fluently (yet.) It it real that I don't eat meat, milk or cheese in a country obsessed with sardines, squid and cafe con leche.

My mother has always told me - in life there are choices. I choose this choice. I choose the adventure. I choose the unknown. I choose the absolutely amazing man sitting across from me. I choose the most comfortable and confident I have ever felt with someone.

To say that I am a control freak is pretty much an understatement. I know what I like and I know how to get it. Without words that becomes a challenge. I have let go of ordering food. The spaniard is getting pretty good. "I would like this with that...leave that off...add this...and that on the side."

I had a cut under my thumb nail that I didn't realize for a few days. All I knew was my thumb hurt like a mother (use your imagination.) So today the spainiard preformed minor surgery. I let go of "I can do it myself." Which was definitely my first thought.

I now know how much I will miss my Mom, my Dad and my Brother. I now more fully realize what it will be like living in Spain. I want to throw this Spainish keyboard and into the sea and want to be able to go to Whole Foods and find exactly what I want.

But I choose this choice for other reasons. I am letting thumb at a time.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Morning walk with my Dad

This morning I woke up at 6 am. That´s about 3 hours before there will be any stirring in this household. I decided to take a walk into town. The small town where we are staying is called Son Bou. It's 1.6 miles from the house (mileage compliments of Mr. Garmin and yesterdays run.)

My way into town involves going down what I have so affectionately named Murder Hill.

Going down.

Going up.

Buns of steel. Right there.

As I walked this morning I enjoyed the sounds of the morning, the sounds of a new day starting, and the sounds of U2.

U2 takes me back to my childhood. Driving with my dad, singing along to "Where the streets have no name" and countless more. It's amazing how music can transport you.

My father and I are both on vacation right now. Both at the beach. Different continents, coasts and time zones. I know he'll also be waking up around 6 - long before anyone else. Perhaps he'll share his morning with Bono as well.

Regardless, it's a Beautiful Day. Thanks for the walk Dad.