Sunday, September 12, 2010


Most of you know about my little incident by now, but I just had to post it here to document this part of the journey.  The journey that could never begin without a fully functioning smart phone.

Dear Friends and Family,

Long story short:  

Please send me all of your phone numbers.  Cell, work, home - whatever you want me to have.

Long story kind of short:

I was on mile 5 of my 16 mile training run this morning when it happened. Thoughts of the NY Marathon filled my mind while Kanye filled my ears, having a grand ol' time!  My phone placed securely in a ziplock bag - as usual.  Well... not so usual, moisture gets in.  (I say moisture because no one wants to read about my sweat - well - there - I said it, sweat. :)

So, moisture = water damage = not salvageable = new phone.  1.5 weeks before I move to Spain.

Which by the way, I already have an iPhone in Spain waiting for my return.  I debated bringing that one back this last trip.  "Nah...what would I need that for" I said.

Yes... seriously.
Exactly how I felt. Right here.

Update:  All is right with with the world.  Working phone once again in hand.  Feels soooo good! :)  Yes, addiction is an evil thing.

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