Monday, July 26, 2010

Notes from the Universe and Wisdom from Mom

I was talking to my mom yesterday afternoon about life and choices and chances etc... she said something that meant a lot to me. As it applies to my life she started talking about courage. I've never really thought of myself as "courageous" per se. But I guess if I never had the courage to make the really hard decisions... the unpopular, uneasy, grief filled leaps into the blue oblivion of "I want something more" I wouldn't be moving to Spain! I would never have met The Spainard and I would never have known the peace that I feel right now. However scary and uncertain at times... it is perfect in it's peace.

I receive emails from the Universe. Notes from the Universe. These in particular inspire me.

Note #1:

Please tell anyone who wants to know that a dream not followed by consistent action, however humble or small the actions may be, points to either a huge contradiction or a gigantic misunderstanding.

Because when people get clear and realize just how powerful they truly are, wild horses can't stop them from taking even the humblest of baby steps, everyday.

Note #2:

Yes! You can have more than you now want, bigger than before, faster than you can even ask!!

It's just not going to visualize itself.

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