Friday, July 30, 2010

How Many Suitcases Does It Take To Pack Your Life?

I am in the midst of packing my life.

I’m packing for my 1 week vacation with The Spaniard and his family – Menorca here I come!

I am packing for the week after Menorca – travel with The Spaniard going somewhere – doing something – no idea. :)

AND I am packing the rest of my entire life in the following manner:
- Important enough that at some point you will make it over to Madrid.
- Important enough to store in the States because I can’t bear to part with you.

Everything else will either be:
- Sold: couch, bed, dresser etc…
- Given to Friends: half burnt candles, kitchen knife set etc…
- Given to a Women’s Shelter: Clothes, bedding, kitchen stuff, etc…

We all know how organized I am. How much I LOVE the free therapy that is cleaning out any closet or drawer. But seriously… this is whole new ball game. Part of it is so fun and freeing - who needs a thousand extension cords? But then there is this weird part. No, I don’t need that random mug from which I drink water in the morning… but I like it. I don’t want to get rid of it.

I am trying to be smart about the things that I am keeping. I think I am doing a good job of being practical, yet not giving away “my life” – you know?

Mostly I am just excited! There is so much to do. When I get back from this trip I will have 1 ½ weeks to be out of my condo! But I know it will all get done.

And let’s be honest. I AM MOVING TO SPAIN! Just writing that makes me smile and giggle. :)


  1. If you start missing your dresser, you know where it is!

  2. Thanks Wilson! If I start missing it I'll request a picture text. I know your closet is thankful for the reprieve :)