Friday, August 27, 2010


Is it appropriate to insist on bringing all my 3 inch heels when moving to a city where I will be walking at least a mile to get anywhere...

Is it appropriate to insist on bringing my favorite smoothie straw...that just so happens to be covered in red penises - thank you bachelorette party!

Is it appropriate to bring baking utensils and mixing bowls when my kitchen doesn't even have an oven...yet...

Is it appropriate to bring my favorite over-sized, long sleeve, t-shirt - stolen from my high school boyfriend?

Regardless... it's all happening.  What's "appropriate" anyway?


  1. The fact that you kept and USE an oversized Penis straw makes me love you even more! MUAH! TB

  2. It's the perfect smoothie straw! Phallic symbols or not... you know I don't disciminate. Muah right back!

  3. If you look at it real close it looks like the FSU tomahawk - either way, a real weiner! :)