Wednesday, August 25, 2010

"The only thing you need to get a another date."

I don't know how many times I have heard that the grocery store is a great place to meet someone.  You can tell a lot about someone by what's in their cart:

- Fruit, Veggies, whole grain cereal - Yes, please!

- Double stuffed Oreos,  a case of Bud Light, and a case of frozen Hungry Man Meals - NO, thank you!

Part of the screening process can easily be done with a quick scan of the eyes.  This picking someone up at the market was always a mystery to me.  It had never happened.  And it always seemed awkward.  How do you start a conversation and not look like a total creeper?

Well, it happened. 

I was perusing the olive oil section.  Reading the back of the "imported" oils to see where they are really from.  For the record, most imported oils are bottled in Tampa, FL - really.

So as I am reading this very nice looking gentleman starts looking at the oil too.  He so cleverly asks me, "is there something that you are reading that I should know before making my oil selection?" See, not a creeper at all.  I go on to explain my thesis regarding oil production and bottling.  How most Italian oils are made with Spanish olives, and how I should know this because I just got back from Spain.

The conversation continues with how he loves Spain.  I throw in that I better love it too because I am moving there. (All a part of my conversation plan)  Why are you moving he asks.  I so eloquently and concisely tell the story of meeting my love.  I mean, we wouldn't want this seemingly nice young man to try to get my phone number.  I was trying to spare the awkward, "actually, I am seeing somebody" comment - which let's face it - in most of these instances is usually a lie.

All in all a nice interaction with a nice person.  There still is such a thing as human kindness.  And I know I better soak up all of these American niceties while I can.

So this all goes to show... the only thing you need to get a date... is another date.  Thank you Carrie Bradshaw.


  1. A nice gentleman hitting on Kristen! I'm wondering how many times that happens every day... What kind of wacky gentleman is going to resist approaching such an elegant and pretty woman? Not me...

  2. and thank God you couldn't! :)

  3. I was hoping you were going to say his pickup line involved something about the virgin quality of the olive oil.

  4. haha! Only you Jeff are that clever! He was nice, but I wouldn't give him that much credit. :)