Sunday, August 15, 2010

Boy Scouts Honor

I've been traveling with a cheap pair of ear plugs for over 3 years. I believe they were purchased for my trip to Kenya. Preparation for whatever animal might keep me awake - not that anything could mute the morning rooster, and not that ear plugs help whatsoever with stifling heat.

The ear plugs remained unused...until this Friday. It was just your average weekend festival. Crappy Barcelona bands (the spaniards words) - opening act - 1 a.m.

I almost lost my mind.

My NY training schedule dictated a 10 mile run on Saturday. Knowing this had to be accomplished on a treadmill already had me teetering on the edge.

Thank God for the remembrance of the ear plugs.

Always be prepared. Boy Scouts honor.

10 miles of roof tops :)

10 miles of success!


  1. Good luck with the Race! Your Mom sent me this link-great pix :)

    Guess we won't see each other until Thanksgiving...unless you all are coming up to Jax one last time?

  2. Thanks Karen! We will both be there for Thanksgiving. My goal is to always make Thanksgiving no matter what country I am in. Imagine if I missed last year? Not happening! =)