Friday, August 20, 2010

Home Again, Home Again

I am back home on this side of the pond.  As I write that I am thinking the "this side" comment will soon not say anything about my actual location.

I am at my home on the west side.  West side of the Atlantic.  East side of the U.S.

For simplicity let's use the Atlantic as the middle of the universe.  Florida = west side.  Madrid = east side.  Agree?  Agree.

Crunch time.  1.5 weeks to move out of my condo. Donate and give away all of my worldly possessions.
Begin the process of obtaining a residence visa for Spain.  I hope the Spanish Consulate agrees that I will be an asset to their country.

Breathe in - Breathe out - One step at a time - Know that it will all work out - Remember why I'm choosing this choice...

and when all else fails find serenity remembering this...


and this...


  1. can i just say i am so insanely jealous of your journey in the best possible way? you are so brave, and i had no idea you were vegan. that should definitely make things interesting. can't wait to read all about your European adventures :)

  2. Thanks Holly! I take your jealousy with the best of its intensions. :) You will have a tour guide in Spain whenever you want to hop back over the pond. I will take you to the best restaurants with the country's best pork. It's not my choice right now, but I don't discriminate!