Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thoughts from the third plane

Here I am holding the spaniards hand. I am looking out the window as we take off. We are flying to Menorca. This is my thrd flight in less than 24 hours.

I can´t help but think. Is this my life? Is this what the next 20 years is going to look like? Holding hands, flying all over the world. Vacation here, holiday there... summers in the Mediterranean, Thanksgiving in Florida.

I pose this question to the spaniard. He agrees we will be spendig a lot of time on airplanes. We prompltly decide that one day it will be first class. That`s better.


  1. Such a cute image! Thanks for sharing that intimate moment. That sounds like a great life! Meeting new people, seeing everything you can possibly get your eyes on, visiting long enough to keep missing people but not long enough to get sick of them. :) Can't wait until our trip is next on the docket! Keep the blogs coming and esp. the pictures!

  2. Thanks Sarah! Charlotte is definitely on the docket. I told D about Thomas´ southern cuisine. He said "oh yes, we have to go, for sure. I have explained "the south" - which still makes no sense, as it is north of Florida. =)