Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Moving in with Mom and Dad.

Honestly... never thought I'd say those words.

For the next 3 weeks I'm living with the parents.  There are a few things to consider here:

I have not lived with anyone... anyone... in about 6 years.  Not a dog, cat or fish.  Hell, even my basil plant lives on the porch.

I could look at this time with fear and anxiety... but I actually think this time at home is all part of the master plan.

When I get to Madrid I will be living with the spaniard.  We have all heard the horror stories that moving in with your significant other can illicit.  I figure living with mom and pops for 3 weeks will be my boot camp class on sharing.  My crash course in cohabitation, if you will.

Since returning to the states 2 weeks ago my condo has been dispersed throughout the city.  My wonderful friends have taken everything from couches to clothing.  Ironing board to books.

This whole process has been surprisingly seamless.  The spaniard says it's because I am a master planner... I tend to agree.

So... How Many Suitcases Does It Take To Pack Your Life? ... 5.  My life fits into 5 suitcases and 6 boxes.

Progression in pictures:

Bye bye coffee table
... and dining room table.
Organization for storage and shipping.
Empty dresser -- > enter boxes.
All gone.
A special thank you goes to my dad.  He removed all of his suits from the guest room closet for me.  You see, it is he, not my mom that needs two closets.

Like father - like daughter.

Without his help,  this next disaster in organization might not be possible.

All stuffed in.


  1. amazing. i truly think would i have to pick up and move to another country tomorrow, i would be happy to condense my life. there is something to be said about not being too attached to material things. SO EXCITED FOR YOU! enjoy home with mom and dad :)

  2. Thanks Holly! I have always felt that cleaning out is like free therapy. Closets, drawers, clothes, etc... So basically, I am good on therapy for about a decade! :)